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Aidan Turner redfaced after Ian McKellan can't understand his accent


Aidan Turne

Aidan Turne




Aidan Turne

He's one of Ireland's most in-demand actors - but Aidan Turner was left red-faced when acting veteran Sir Ian McKellan corrected him on set.

The Poldark star (31) starred alongside McKellan (inset) in Peter Jackson's epic movie The Hobbit.

Being in the presence of an acting heavyweight seems to have thrown Turner, who was left stumbling over his words.

"It was slightly embarrassing but if anyone was to give you a note I'd rather it be McKellan," the former Clinic star said.

"I said one of lines and McKellan said 'Darling what did you say?'"

After repeating his line, the British star still wasn't happy with Aidan's performance.

"He said 'Well I can't hear you - articulation darling, articulation'," Turner told Jarlath Regan on An Irishman Abroad.