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Age and beauty: movie history of pairings with a difference

Pretty Woman (1990) Richard Gere was aged 41 and Julia Roberts was 23 when they starred in director Garry Marshall's romantic comedy about a businessman who falls for an escort. Age difference -- 18 years.

Manhattan (1979) Woody Allen was 44 when he romanced 18-year-old Mariel Hemingway in an angst-ridden comedy about a divorced New Yorker dating a high-schooler. Age difference - 26 years.

The Lord of the Rings (2001) Viggo Mortensen was 42 when as Aragorn he pursued Arwen, played by a 24-year-old Liv Tyler, in the fantasy adventure trilogy based on Tolkien's book. Age difference -- 18 years.

Lost in Translation (2003) Bill Murray was 52 and Scarlett Johansson was 18 when they starred in Sofia Coppola's tale of an aging actor and a recent college graduate who get up close and personal after a chance meeting in a grand Tokyo hotel. Age difference -- 34 years.

Last Tango in Paris (1972) Marlon Brando was 48 and Maria Schneider 20 when Bernardo Bertolucci directed them in the story of an American widower who takes up an anonymous and steamy sexual relationship with a young, soon-to-be-married Parisian woman. Age difference - 28 years.

The Reader (2008) Kate Winslet won an Oscar for her role as illiterate former SS guard at Auschwitz who is working as a tram conductor when she first begins an affair with a young student. Winslet was aged 32 when she starred in Stephen Daldry's adaptation of Bernhard Schlink's novel, while her co-star David Kross was aged 18. Age difference -- 14 years. -- ANNA COOGAN