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'Action!' stations for star actresses

Look out Hollywood! Three actresses are delving into movie directing for the first time.

Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes and Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz are each directing a short film for a magazine.

The films are based on real stories written by readers about a personal story of a moment where they helped out or gave something back.

Thousands of submissions were sent in and Glamour magazine narrowed them down to those most adaptable to a short film format.

Weisz, Mendes and Biel were presented with the finalists and each actress selected her story. Mendes and Biel have already shot theirs, while Weisz is scheduled to go into production this month.

All three films are based around car sponsor Hyundai's theme of "doing good" and will get a showcase in Los Angeles in October.

Biel's short, Sodalis, focuses on two little girls who are best friends. "For this film it's do good for your loved one, your best friend. Do good for yourself," said A-Team star Biel.


On Mendes' film, California Romanza, the director enlisted the help of Christina Ricci, Daniel Stern, Kathy Najimy and Troy Garity to appear.

"This whole project is so inspiring because I never thought I could do this," Mendes said. "It has been the most fulfilling experience of my career today."

Glamour Reel Moments, now in its fifth year, was designed to empower women in film by creating opportunities for them to get behind the camera to tell the stories of real women.

The magazine works with production company Freestyle to develop and produce the films.

The shorts will benefit a women's programme for FilmAid International. The organisation uses the power of film to help displaced refugees around the world.

Past actresses who got behind the camera for Reel Moments include Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Demi Moore and Dakota Fanning.

Over the years, the films have also made the rounds at over 25 film festivals including Sundance and Tribeca.