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Action man Jack shows he's an avid Arnie fan


Dating: Madeline Mulqueen and Jack Reynor

Dating: Madeline Mulqueen and Jack Reynor

Dating: Madeline Mulqueen and Jack Reynor

I'll be Jack. He's starring in the machine exploding extravaganza that is Transformers: Age of Extinction.

And it seems movie star Jack Reynor can't get enough of the action man roles.

The Blessington native attended Jameson Cult Film Club's screening of Predator this week to watch Austrian action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger work his magic on screen.

"Jack is an avid Arnie fan," a source said. "When he heard that Predator was showing he knew he had to go along and see Arnie do his thing.

"He loved working on Transformers and doing another action-packed film would be right up his street."



IFTA award winning actor Jack and his model girlfriend Madeline Mulqueen arrived at the Mansion House together and were thrilled to find the venue transformed into a Central American Jungle in homage to the 1987 sci-fi thriller.

There were lots of lasers and foliage and Predator himself was wandering about posing for pictures with fans.

"Jack had heard about the event from his friend (Dublin actor) Eoin Macken," the source said.

Madeline and Jack returned from Chicago last week. The couple have been dating for close to a year and made their first public appearance together at this year's IFTA Awards ceremony.

When Jack (22) went to the States to start filming Michael Bay's flick, Horse Outside star Madeline (23) followed suit.

In recent months they've visited LA, New York and Hong Kong.