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10 things you need to know about Inception

>1 Dom Cobb, the name of DiCaprio's character, is the same as that of one of the main characters in director Christopher Nolan's first feature film, Following (1998).

>2 This is Nolan's first film since his debut that's a completely original work written by himself. All of his other films are either remakes or are based on comics, novels or short stories.

>3 Cillian Murphy and Ken Watanabe worked together with Nolan before on Batman Begins.

>4 Nolan has said that Cork man Murphy is "the best actor of his generation".

>5 The movie was shot in six cities: Tokyo; Carlington (England); Paris; Tangiers; Los Angeles; and Calgary, at an estimated cost of €158m).

>6 Nolan lives in LA with his wife Emma Thomas - who produces all his films - and their three children.

>7 This is Michael Caine's fourth appearance in a Nolan movie.

>8 Nolan's brother Matthew won a battle against extradition to Costa Rica to face murder charges. He is currently in a Florida jail on false document charges.

>9 Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr plays on the Hans Zimmer score for the movie.

>10 Nolan worked on the script for 10 years.