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Feminism 2010

The Guerrilla Girls a group of anonymous female artists fighting gender discrimination.

"We think the word has been demonised in society -- and particularly in the media -- for so long that it's understandable that some people don't want to call themselves feminists. Funny, most of those people believe in the tenets of feminism; they just don't want to be associated with the word. We think feminism is a way of looking at the world. It has changed scholarship in almost every field. It has revolutionised women's lives in some countries. In much of the world, however, women are still denied many basic human rights. In Ireland, we met lots of feminists, but we also encountered women who would tell us, 'I'm not a feminist, but ... ' and then all these tales of discrimination would come pouring out."

Rosemary Delaney editor, women mean business magazine

"This is very topical. In this issue of WMB, we had a straw poll in which we asked our readers if they regarded themselves as feminist. The majority -- more than 85% -- said no. Many equate feminism with 'the burn your bra brigade'. I feel that those women who have gone before me have fought hard for women's rights -- it's such a shame that it was necessary to have to fight in the first place. I feel I'm hopefully paving the way for other women -- showing women that you can follow your dreams with hard work and commitment."

Claire Tully glamour model

"Women are not treated fairly these days and it goes back to the fact that we are in a male-dominated society. Women are caught in a catch-22 situation. My granny used to give out to me for wearing a scoop-neck top. We were repressed for so long and we were made to feel bad about ourselves. Only now we've swung to the other extreme and we're still feeling bad about it."