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Fat chance we'll take your advice, Dr Reilly

EVERYBODY seems to agree that obesity is a serious national problem, including our Minister for Health, whose latest plan is that energy and sports drinks should carry a health warning, as their high sugar content makes everyone except professional athletes fatter.

While the motive seems admirable enough, it is hard to take dietary advice from someone who resembles, how shall I put this, a tub of lard? Defending the obvious double standard in someone who urges everyone else to get into shape while not apparently doing so himself, a spokesman for the Minister insisted that Reilly is "in the best of health, and exercises by running and walking when his schedule allows".


Laughably, the spokesman went on to say that he wasn't sure whether the Minister was overweight, as he has "not had the time to step on the weighing scales in the recent past."

These excuses are not just ludicrous in themselves -- after all, the Minister could easily find the time to both exercise and measure his weight if he simply re-allocated some of his schedule away from the Dail buffet. More tellingly, it also ignores the fact that James Reilly weighing himself may be pointless.

After all, it wouldn't be much good if the good doctor wasn't even able to see the readout at his feet.