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Farrell back to his A-game as he hooks up with old pal for Seven Psychopaths

HE'S one of the sexiest men on earth but Hollywood's ultimate bad boy Colin Farrell (36) has been struggling at the box office.

It's no secret that Total Recall, London Boulevard and Fright Night have all sunk without trace.

Unless you're a die-hard Farrell fan, chances are the last movie you paid to see him in was Martin McDonagh's 2008 black comedy In Bruges.

So we're all thrilled that the Dubliner again teamed up with McDonagh for Seven Psychopaths.

An insider said: "He deserves a strong movie, a real hit. Colin's a great actor but his last couple of movies just didn't nail it."

An excited Farrell said: "Every now and then you read something and it jumps off the page. Seven Psychopaths does that, and then it slaps you across the face, it gets you by the back of the neck and it slams you into a table, then it gives you a kick in the a*** -- it takes you on a wonderful ride."

The movie is out on December 7.