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Fancy a date with naked soccer refs?

WE'VE had the beautiful women of the Hunky Dorys and Ryanair calendars -- now it's the turn of the lads again.

This year farmers and Cork soccer referees have jumped on board the 'stripping off to the buff for charity' bandwagon.

Acres of flesh -- white, ruddy, dimpled and hairy -- have been unleashed in the name of making a few bob for a good cause. Though thankfully, and perhaps rather predictably, the refs and farmers are posing in the nip with some strategically placed, ahem, balls and bails of hay.

You don't have to sport your sunglasses to stop the glare from all of the flesh, though. In fact some of it looks suspiciously tanned and hairless.


Dare I suggest that men of the land might be that metrosexual? All channelling their inner male model, as it were, like. What langers, the other Cork refs must be thinking. They just strip off their skinny drainpipes and get those athletic physiques right out there.

Maybe the refs and farmers are smack bang in the middle of the manopause? Doing something you'd previously never dream of is an indicator that you feel you're getting on a bit and want the world to know you are as vigorous and active as any young buck.

Good on them. Anti-calendar sentiments are customarily reserved for those of us not brave enough to bare all. And why keep that potbelly to yourself? Let us all have a look. Now where's Mr July again?