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Fade away? Not me, says Vogue


Vogue McFadden

Vogue McFadden

Vogue McFadden

IT was slated by the critics and lambasted by the viewers.

But model-turned-DJ Vogue McFadden (right) says she remembers her Fade Street days with nothing but fondness.

The bubbly model even likes watching various wind-ups of the show.

"I love watching those YouTube clips where they dub over our voices," she says.

"They have a man doing mine. I think they're hilarious – I watch them when I'm having a few drinks.

"Fade Street was brilliant," the Howth native said. "I know people slag it but it really helped me."

Billed as Ireland's answer to hit MTV show The Hills, RTE's reality docu-soap aimed to show the fabulous lives of Dublin-based models and socialites.

The Hills gave us a host of reality TV superstars and monsters – Lauren Conrad and Speidi, to name but two.

But the lives of Vogue, Cici, Dani and LoJo failed to grip audiences in the same way.

But Vogue (27) will be bouncing back on to our small screen soon – she is getting ready to shoot a documentary about the Aussie way of life.

"I'm really excited about it. It's about Australia and being there. I'm looking forward to it."