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Even a style icon's allowed one bad day...

WHAT would Carrie Bradshaw think? I'm sure it's the tagline that has haunted Sarah Jessica Parker following every fashion faux pas she has made since taking on the iconic role in Sex And The City.

After all, she was the world's favourite fashionista, adored by millions of viewers for her quirky dress sense on screen ... which soon translated to her off-duty wardrobe.

She even knows how to make the school run look sexy in a pair of combat boots, jeans and a parka.

She is one of Irish milliner Philip Treacy's biggest fans (remember that headpiece she wore to the London Sex And The City premiere in 2008?)

Quite simply, SJP is synonymous with style.

But even the most seasoned of stars can take a step in the wrong direction -- and our favourite fashion maverick is no exception.

Miss Parker opted for the odd ensemble of a sheer white lace blouse with an ill-fitting white skirt yesterday for the Louis Vuitton ready to wear Fall/Winter showing at Paris Fashion Week (her piece was from the 2005 collection).

We could commend her for taking a risk when the majority of A-list attendees would surely be relying on a 'safer' option for the front row, admire her refusal to conform, and praise her damn near determination to show she is worthy of her title as a style icon.

Or we could be honest.

The look simply didn't do it for me.

The transparent blouse over black bra, the Madonna-esque white leather gloves -- Miss Parker isn't the Material Girl.

But let's not ignore my biggest pet peeve ... the hair.

Do we need a reminder of the drama surrounding Cheryl Cole when she tried to rock the '80s bouffant at her first X Factor USA audition?

Here's the footnote: it didn't end well.

This week, top designer Nicole Farhi revealed that designers and their PR companies pay celebrities top dollar to sit front row at their showings to guarantee press coverage.

Now, a beautifully dressed SJP was always going to guarantee that, but a style misstep by television's most iconic style star would send the media into overdrive.

This piece is case in point.

It stands to reason that constantly being told what to wear from your wardrobe department, publicist, agent, etc, throughout your career can get a little tiring.

A little rebellion never hurt anyone, but the desire to rebel shouldn't completely overpower your better judgement just to make a point.

SJP could go out wearing a black sack and she'd still hear, "you look fabulous, darling".

Because she's Carrie Bradshaw. Because she's Sarah Jessica Parker. Because even when she takes a step in the wrong direction, her wardrobe is still one million times better than ours.

Even a style icon is allowed the odd mistake -- provided it doesn't happen too often.