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Err... I dressed in a hurry, admits Brendan

BRENDAN Courtney has defended his latest bizarre fashion turn.

While many at a glitzy bash might have thought the Off The Rails presenter got dressed in the dark, he doesn't care.

The fashion guru has said there are no regrets about his haphazard look at the Vodafone DIT Fashion Awards that involved a navy pair of shorts, tan boots, socks and a black jacket. "I have to laugh when people talk about what I wear. I was late, I ran in and thought 'I'll just wear shorts', not much thought went into it," he told the Herald.

The RTE presenter says he has no qualms about the look.

"I'm one of life's lucky people, I don't really dress for other people anymore. I like what I wear and I wear what I like.

"I've kind of gone past caring what people think and that's a really great, liberating feeling," said the 38-year-old, who spends a lot of his time in London. "That's what I try to tell people on Off The Rails -- dress for yourself, dress for your shape."

Brendan said he had no love for people who poke fun at others because of their dress sense. "I would never make fun of people for what they wear. I never even slag off Georgia Salpa. She can get away with wearing anything, she's beautiful. Her style wouldn't be something I'd like, but I'm not her audience. She wouldn't care what I think. And by the same token, I wouldn't care what some person on Twitter thinks, I'm not dressing to impress them," he said.

Brendan said he never wears controversial clothes just to get a reaction. "It's not contrived honestly, I just wear what I like. There's no right or wrong."

Off The Rails is currently in its 15th series on RTE One