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Eoghan hits back at 'racist' jibes

TV presenter Eoghan McDermott has denied claims that he is a "racist" after taking to Twitter to defend his nice-guy reputation.

The new Voice of Ireland presenter has said recent comments he made on his social networking page were taken out of context and he has reacted with fury to allegations that he had a pop at Jedward and made unsavoury remarks about them.

This week saw the Xfm presenter telling fans in a series of angry Tweets how his comments were not meant to cause offense and he'll "think more about his language".

"Okay people, something kinda major happened recently which I need to address, it's gonna take a few tweets -- I hope it doesn't clog your feed.

"This weekend, a paper made the very serious & inaccurate claim that I was racist and a hate-fuelled bigot because of my tweets. Altered some of my tweets, making it look like I was attacking Jedward.

"They contacted Travellers' rights organisations and disability organisations to condemn me. They also contacted Sinn Fein. They ran the story with an altered tweet and without ever contacting me."

He added: "Whilst I can understand the use of the word gypsy & retarded can be offensive & apologise, the paper has made not mention AT ALL of any of my charity work for the disabled or my work with the Travelling community which it doesn't know about because it never asked. To say I am racist or a bigot is more offensive to more people than my Tweets."