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Engagement party rocks


Hayley Rock and Paul Elliott

Hayley Rock and Paul Elliott

Hayley Rock and Paul Elliott

THERE was plenty of bling on show at Hayley Rock's engagement party last weekend.

Castleknock native Hayley looked delighted as she posed alongside her fiance, Belfast businessman Paul Elliot (right).

The former Lillie's hostess showed off her diamond ring and spent the day sipping champers with best pal and fellow bride-to-be Rosanna Davison.

No doubt the two will spent the next few months discussing seating plans, tasting menus and wedding dresses.

The sister of Lydia Rock, wife of Dublin footballer Alan Brogan, Hayley ran the VIP area of Lillie's nightclub for years and is on first name terms with the likes of Bono and Ronnie Wood.

Her engagement party definitely seems to have been a fun-filled bash.

But it wasn't all champagne bottles popping. Hayley encountered a bump in the road when her favourite wedding venue was snapped up by another bridal party.

"Can anyone recommend any nice hotel for a large wedding venue in Monaghan, Cavan or Louth?" she asked her Twitter followers. "Looks like the hotel I wanted is gone."

But her friends and family were quick to suggest a whole raft of alternatives, from Lough Erne Resort in Enniskillen to Darver Castle.

Hayley now runs her own business Concierge Dublin, a service helping business clients find their way around Dublin and enjoy themselves.