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Emma's TV weight over with new show

Get ready to meet the ladies who look like beauties and lift like beasts.

PR executive Emma Scott and beautician Sharon Conroy are both passionate about powerlifting and will appear in RTE's 'Gliondar: A Power to Lift' on RTE One on Monday night at 7.30pm.

Galway native Sharon has worked as a beautician for the past eight years and says there is more spray tan at power lifting competitions than beauty salons.

"It's like a sort of war paint," she told the Herald. "I think there's a misconception that it is not a feminine sport but it is very glamorous.

"Girls are always getting dolled up to the nines before they deadlift."

The 29-year-old trains several times a week. "I like the feeling of strength," she said. "When you walk in to the gym the lads are afraid because I can lift more. I feel like I am doing it for the girls."

The show examines how the ladies manage to juggle their jobs with their fitness regimes. "It's a great way to escape the stress," Sharon said.