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Emma Eliza to play Maud Gonne opposite Doherty


Pete Doherty. Photo: PA

Pete Doherty. Photo: PA

Pete Doherty. Photo: PA

A CONNEMARA actress has revealed how she took on the role of Irish revolutionary Maud Gonne in a film opposite hellraiser musician Pete Doherty.

Emma Eliza Regan, from Moycullen, will play the iconic figure in the film The Second Coming, part of which is loosely based on the doomed romance between Gonne and literary figure W.B.Yeats.

The former ballet dancer (24) said: "I did a huge amount of historical research into Maud Gonne, I read letters and accounts, and tried to piece her together, it wasn't her but the character was to carry her essence.

"I found her intriguingly enigmatic and complex. She was the type of woman with dark secrets behind her eyes that drew people in and you need to search for those layers yourself, in order to give her justice." .

However, she's also enthusiastic about her co-star Pete Doherty (34), with whom she shot scenes in Coole Park, Galway, last summer, adding: "Pete is a true talent, an original and a poetic soul but I really can't talk about him. My lips are sealed."

But she did confirm that Doherty's character plays a man with a burning unrequited love for her in the film, and the relationship element of the plot was based on the famous doomed affair between WB Yeats and Gonne.

This plot is just one of six international stories told in thriller The Second Coming, directed by Richard Wolstencroft, and due out in 2014.