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Edele won't take any prisoners
in Celeb BB house, says Sinead


Edele Lynch. Photo: PA

Edele Lynch. Photo: PA

Edele Lynch. Photo: PA

THE Celebrity Big Brother house is in for a dose of hard-hitting reality when B*Witched star Edele Lynch gets going.

Edele's former bandmate Sinead O'Carroll said fireworks will fly with her outspoken pal in residence.

Saying Edele (34) would be "the one to watch", Sinead said she won't bite her tongue to spare anyone's blushes.

"She'll have no problem pulling people up on stuff and will speak her mind. She'll tell people exactly what she thinks," she said.

"They'll be like, 'I can't believe she just said that', because people would normally say it behind your back.

"She's really opinionated, and if something needs to be said she'll say it. She tells it as it is and people don't always know how to take her. But she's a team player and could do really well."

Although C'est La Vie singer Edele warned contestants going into the Big Brother house that she "fights like my da", Sinead said the sister of Boyzone star Shane can be quite reserved when she first meets people.

"This is pushing her boundaries as she's shy socially," said Sinead.

"It takes a while for her to warm up and for people to warm to her, but she's well able to hold her own."

Sinead also predicted a personality clash between Edele and Emmerdale villain Claire King.

"I don't think they're going to warm to each other," she said.

This isn't Edele's first brush with reality TV - she won Celebrity Apprentice last year.

Sinead added: "She's very smart and very savvy but she doesn't shout about it and that's what helped her win the Apprentice."

Former chart-toppers B*Witched are gearing up for a return to their roots next month with the release of a single, The Stars Are Ours, due out on September 21.

They were brought back together for the 2012 ITV show The Big Reunion, in which Sinead and Edele put their differences aside.

Sinead said the programme helped them get their emotions out in the open.

"We didn't know where to put our relationship after the band broke up," she said. "But now it's really good."