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Eamon Fennell: I just loven the spotlight - my next goal is to be a TV star

THINGS have been crazy since we won the All-Ireland final...it's like living in a different world.

From meeting our fans to partying into the early hours of the morning, it has definitely been a whirlwind and I am loving every second of it.

Now that things have settled down a bit, I'm looking forward to following my dreams of becoming a presenter.

I also have to make up for lost time with my girlfriend of seven months and start to get back to reality.

The day we beat Kerry in the All-Ireland was absolutely amazing, I can't fully describe what I was feeling at that moment. But from then on, myself and the team spent every minute celebrating our win and really enjoying ourselves.

Standing in Merrion Square with the Sam Maguire in front of more than 40,000 fans was an indescribable. It showed me what the win really meant to the city -- the place was electric and the sound was deafening, that moment is going to be one that sticks with me forever.

As well as playing for Dublin, I'm also a full-fledged DJ and I love it. During our week of partying I hit the decks in the Harcourt Street nightclub D2.

I wasn't meant to but when my manager Pat Gilroy started on the dance floor, all the lads said I had to get in the DJ box.

I also DJ'd at the Wright Venue last weekend which was brilliant. All the lads got into the DJ box with me. My team mates Bernard Brogan and Paul Flynn grabbed a microphone and started talking to the crowds. I don't think anyone could understand what they were saying but there were tons of people cheering for us.

Since our win, loads of people have been asking me to DJ at gigs, there is definitely a demand for me at the moment.

It's a huge part of my life and now is the right time to start gigging around the country and really show the public what I've got.

Next Friday, I'll be DJing in the Grafton Lounge which is a big one for me.

With so much going on over the past two weeks I have barely had time to think. But now that things have settled down, I am really looking for some stability in my life.

I really want to focus on my dream to become a presenter for radio or TV.

I was a GAA coach for six years and I feel that I've served my time now. I've always wanted to get into presenting and becoming a DJ was the first step really. I'm hoping to sit down with Phantom FM and FM104 and see if there is something I can do and if there is any work going.

I did sign up to Compton Models earlier this year also, but honestly modelling isn't a career that I really want. It is what it is, it's just another source of income for me. My modelling agent John Compton has been great to me, though, and I was lucky to get on TV3's Take Me Out this year which really boosted my confidence in front of the camera.

Yesterday, I was in RTE studios to film for the Craig Doyle show.

I like to put myself out there, that's the reason I went on Take Me Out in the first place. I just want to see how comfortable I am behind the camera and if I can hold my own.

I always think that you will never know until you try and this feels like the right time to fully pursue my dreams. I've done some work with FM104 over the years and I loved the atmosphere around the studio. So, I think this is a career I would really love.

Now that things have finally calmed down, this weekend I will be making up for lost time with my girlfriend Fiona (left). I've barely got to see her over the past two weeks and it's been difficult for her. I've been out partying and she has had to go to work the next morning so we didn't really see each other.

At first I wasn't too sure how she was handling me taking pictures with other girls, but they are just fans. You can't say no to a fan.

I remember taking my picture with the Dublin team when I was younger, so I know how important it is to make time for the fans. She knows that now and she has been very understanding.

We're going to chill out for the weekend, head to the cinema and I will definitely be bringing her out for a nice meal -- it's long overdue.

But there is still a little bit of partying left in me. The Dublin lads are organising one last big night out.

We have to go back to reality, so we will have a farewell party to end our partying. It will be a nice way to end the celebrations.