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Dublin... Now & Then

Playwright and director peter sheridan is inspired by the walk of Dubliners but is turned off by bus passengers who plot their location on their mobile phones

Best thing about the recession? It has stopped people boasting about their property portfolios.

Best dublin insult -- and why? That fellow should be stoned to death with balls of his own shite. My father's favourite insult and one he bequeathed to me.

What's best -- northside or southside? and why? The southside has all the fine squares and fine houses but the northside has all the characters and great culture.

If you were to preserve one thing from modern-day dublin, what would it be? The Sunday-night singsong in the Sunset House pub in Summerhill.

What would you change about dublin? It's the greatest city in the world, apart from its weather.

Most annoying dubliner and why? Paddy Power (right), who never refuses to take money off me but seldom gives it back.

Favourite dublin pub and why? The Sunset House for reasons stated above.

Best place to play a gig in dublin? I saw U2 play in the Sheriff Street flats as part of the Looking-On Festival in 1982 and it still lives in the memory.

Best place to eat in the city? At home if my son Fiachra cooks. But if I have to go out it's hard to beat 1014 in Clontarf.

Dublin buskers -- how do they compare to those in other european cities? I saw Glen Hansard play in Grafton Street last Christmas Eve, heavenly.

What do dubliners do better than anyone else in the world? Walks -- think Pádraig Harrington -- I could spend all day observing the Dublin walk, funny and inspiring by turns.

What would you ban in dublin (apart from cars)? People on buses using mobile phones to tell other people their exact location. Banal in the extreme.

Peter Sheridan directs the stage version of The Shawshank Redemption, which will tour to The Cork Opera House, April 23rd-29th, The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, May 5th-29th and Millennium Forum, Derry, from June 1st-6th.