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Dublin... Now & then

Favourite pub and why?

The Palace Bar on Fleet Street. It always seems to be late afternoon in the back.

The best stage? The whole city is a stage, the people on the street are some of the best entertainment anywhere. It makes the city come alive.

Best thing about dublin? It's a handy place to get around, and even better with the new bikes (below) which I use all the time. I also think the banter is one of the best things we have to offer. It really is a city of people rather than places.

What do dubliners do better than anyone else in the world? Chat! We really enjoy a bit of craic. I guess it's one of the things we do best. Someone is always ready to pass a comment or see the funny side of a situation.

Best thing about the recession? We get a chance to take a breath, I just hope it's not for too long. It also makes us more realistic about what we want and what we already have.

Best dublin insult and why? Stopped at a traffic light a lady was asked: "Are you waiting for any particular shade of green?"

What would you ban? Umbrellas -- pretty unrealistic with our climate, but they should at least have a flashing light on them.

What's best -- northside or southside -- and why? My mother and my wife are each from different sides -- please don't make me choose.

What would you preserve from modern-day dublin for eternity? We developed a positive attitude and I hope we can retain that, it will see us through the recession and beyond.

if you were to change one thing what would it be? The price of a pint.

it's your last night in dublin, ever -- what would you do? Watch a good match, then take the long way home...

Most annoying dubliner? The driver who took my parking place this morning.

Tom O'Rahilly is museum director of the world's first National Leprechaun Museum which opened to the public on March 10th at Number One, Jervis Street, Dublin 1. See www.leprechaunmuseum.ie