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Drunken brawls and one-night stands ... get ready for Tallafornia

DRUNKEN brawls and one-night stands are normal day to day life in south Dublin if TV3’s new reality series Tallafornia is to be believed.

The show is still being filmed, but the Herald can reveal some of the scenes are set to shock viewers.

TV bosses want to rival MTV’s programmes Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore with sexy scenes and fights between the stars.

As well as the main characters being obsessed with fake tan, body building, hair extensions and partying, sources say the young actors have been caught on camera bringing people home from nightclubs for some late-night fun.

A TV3 insider revealed that the cast members are being filmed for hours on end after enjoying nights out, and some of the stars often bring people they have just met back to the house.

The source explained that both producers and cameramen have had to make sure people are aware they are being filmed for the TV show when they have ended up back at the house.

“This show is going to be crazy. From sleeping with people to fighting with each other, everyone is going to see what really goes on in these people's lives. Some of the cast have already brought people home that they have met on a night out.

“The cameras are rolling while they are partying in nightclubs and then if one of the lads hits it off with a girl, they are allowed to bring them back. It's crazy, producers have had to go up to people on nights out and ask them to sign a form saying that they agree to be filmed for the entire night. A lot of them end up back at the house and everything is caught on camera. It's going to be a huge insight into the real night lives young people in Dublin are leading today,” an insider revealed.

The comments come a week after gardai were called to the Tallafornia set when a hot tub went missing.

The show, which is set to air in the new year, will follow seven aspiring socialites living under one roof let a camera crew into their lives 24 hours a day, showing what really goes on in the Dublin social scene. So far the cast, which include a glamour model, two bodybuilders and a male stripper, have been spotted filming in The Playhouse nightclub in Tallaght and Citywest.