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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Dream on


Jean Byrne

Jean Byrne

Jean Byrne

Dreams of a white Christmas this year could remain nothing but a fantasy, according to meteorologist Jean Byrne.

The forecaster said it seemed unlikely that flurries of snow will sweep across the country given that "statistically we have only had 12 White Christmases in 71 years".

She said if we continue to experience bands of rain sweeping in from the Atlantic then the country is facing a grey and soggy festive period.

"In Ireland we are more likely to have rain," she said.

Byrne stressed, however, that forecasters can only predict the weather in the short term and there is still a possibility of snow.


She also spoke about the attention she and her fellow female broadcasters receive in relation to their clothing.

One viewer complained last Christmas that the presenters were "more focused on glamour than the weather".

Byrne brushed off the complaints, saying some of them simply "weren't justified".

"That story was twisted," she said at the launch of TK Maxx White Christmas event.

"There were only two or three complaints made."

This evening, RTE will launch a new three-day special, Weather Live, which will see Kathryn Thomas joined by Met Eireann meteorologists.