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Double trouble in city as 'Simon Cowell' goes walkabout

DUBLIN women beware -- lothario X Factor boss Simon Cowell has hit the streets of our Fair City.

And strangely enough, he is still attracting female attention despite recent revelations about his womanising ways.

Dozens of shoppers rushed to meet the Britain's Got Talent judge as he apparently casually strolled through the capital yesterday afternoon.

However, they were eventually informed that "Simon" was in fact professional lookalike Andrew Monk.

It was later revealed that he was taking part in a skit about the music mogul for last night's Craig Doyle Live show.

The programme wanted to see how popular Cowell (52) had remained with members of the public despite recent revelations about his womanising ways.

"They sent him out to see what the public really think of Simon after the revelations in his biography," an insider said.

The lookalike was hugged by Simon's fans as he took a turn on Grafton Street, despite revelations in the new book Sweet Revenge by journalist Tom Bower.