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Dodgy web to blame for director's Spider-man exit

DIRECTOR Julie Taymor traces her dismissal from Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark to a giant, disobedient spider's web.

The $1m (€0.7m) prop for the Broadway musical was intended "to descend from the ceiling of the theatre in a thrilling flight/fly sequence" at the end of the show, she said in a filing to a federal court in Manhattan.

Instead, the "coup de theatre" was improperly designed by a team led by set designer George Tsypin, she claimed.

The malfunctioning web interfered with the rigging necessary to fly the cast through the auditorium and was removed the day it was installed, Taymor said.

Broadway's tastiest backstage drama is playing out in court papers ahead of a scheduled trial in January 2013.

Taymor claimed in a November lawsuit that producers violated her intellectual-property rights by making changes without her permission and didn't pay royalties due to her as a co-book writer.

In their January countersuit, the producers accused her of refusing to make changes and storming out of meetings when alterations were even hinted at.

Taymor portrays her one-time collaborators, including Bono and the Edge of U2, as duplicitous and inept. She said she repeatedly urged them to address the spider's web.

Taymor blamed the web failure for why early previews had an anticlimactic ending.

The $75m (€56m) production was panned by many critics.