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Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Even sucessful businees people, TV personalities and sports stars have icons they look up to. Nine of them tell Anna Coogan and Gareth Murphy, the idea that wealth and fame always breed arrogance is unfounded

Kevin Moriarty, managing director, ardmore studios, on meeting the tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers

"I don't have heroes but I've been very impressed with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and how unassuming and genuine he is for a young star. I have seen him go around a room and shake hands with people and then introduce himself as Jonathan, even though every one in the room is fully aware of who he is. It's not false modesty, you learn to spot that a mile off, it's a real warmth. The actors who work in Ardmore are under a lot of pressure -- you don't intrude on their working hours. I have seen Jonathan make time for people, show courtesy when under a lot of pressure.

He has won an Emmy for Elvis and appeared in Woody Allen's film Match Point, and has had considerable success with The Tudors.

I respect how grounded he has remained, how he doesn't appear to have bought his own press, and how as a talented and very busy young star, he continues to give generously of his time."

Lorraine Keane host of xposé on tv3, on meeting Bono

"Considering he is the biggest rock star in the world, Bono is always so gracious, has no ego and is an absolute gentleman.

I have interviewed him many times and he never fails to endear and impress me. The highlight of those interviews happened when I was on holidays in New York. It was a completely accidental exclusive for TV3 at the time because I happened to bump into him at a party -- the night before they were performing on top of the Viacom building in Times Square. He invited me to the performance and when I got there they had a massive camera crew. Bono allowed me to use one of their cameras, so I interviewed him and sent the interview -- and the performance -- back to TV3. With hundreds of thousands of screaming fans below, it was possibly the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had.

I also admire the fact that he chooses to use his high profile for the benefit of others, instead of kicking back and just enjoying the perks of his wealth."

Sandra Byrne pr consultant, on meeting Miriam O'Callaghan

"I met Miriam at the Make A Wish Crystal Ball in the Burlington last month. I'd always admired the fact that Miriam is a mum of eight children from the ages of two to 20, and that she does so much work for charity. She is the presenter of one of Ireland's most popular news and current affairs programmes, Primetime, on RTE, and yet she still manages to look a million dollars every time. To juggle that much, and still be nice and courteous to people cannot be easy. Her schedule is very demanding and to have the balance and make it look so easy is such an achievement with a large family, husband and successful TV career. And on meeting her, I realised just how genuine she is. As an intelligent, modern and generous person, she's a real role model for young women today."

Lara Casey owner of lara's boutique, on meeting singer and tv presenter Michelle Heaton.

"I always sensed that Michelle was a woman who has gone after her dreams and worked very hard for them, and I admire that in people. When I met her I discovered that she is indeed a very grounded person who works hard and doesn't take anything for granted. We love taking care of her clothes-wise, and she always makes time to take care of us. At a recent collection launch, she came along to support us. She took care of all the girls here and made sure everyone got a look in. She has moved over here now with her mum, who is a lovely woman, and I can honestly say she has turned into a Dublin girl at heart -- lovely to have around and at the end of the day, a real friend."