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Diary of a yummy drummy: 14/01/10

Fml. so far, the new year has been a pile of pants. I've had to break my resolutions for sheer sanity's sake. Tweeting about what a shit time I've been having of it has at least kept me occupied. Brooke and Aoife are barely speaking to me (I forget the reason why), I hate the pair of uncaring troglodytes who spawned me, college is boring and I have not a penny to my name.

I mentioned the last complaint to my mother and her response was, "Well get an effing job, sweetheart. If you can find one, hee hee." (I think she was high on Pinot Grigio at the time.) "In my day, we worked all summer in London to save enough money ... and blah, blah, blah." I am so sick of her bullshit. She doesn't understand what things are like and what I'm going through.

If it wasn't for Twitter and Facebook, I dunno, I'd say I'd be a full-blown mess. Luckily, there are some people out there who understand how abhorrent all the people in my life are, like 'Onefckedupgrrl' (she hasn't listed her actual name), who follows me on Twitter. I totally don't care who she is; it's immaterial as long as I don't find out that she's an actual skobe.

Anyway, she completely gets where I'm coming from and feels my pain. For example, she too has a best friend who also treats her like crap and puts her down at every opportunity.

She's in college as well, even though it's totes pointless, LOL. Her romantic life is a similarly miserable wasteland and her parents sound like real trolls -- her mother drinks and would give Joan Rivers a run for her money in the plastic surgery stakes and her father's some kind of emotionally absent golf bore. Sounds horrific, I told her. She says that I need to cut out the toxic people in my life, starting with my so-called friends. I told her she's so right: as soon as I get my old pair to set me up in another apartment, I'm so out of here.