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Diana's debut book gathers momentum

RTE presenter Diana Bucini could be swapping children's presenting for children's books in the near future as interest mounts for her debut book.

The 24-year-old (left) is penning a children's book based loosely on her move to Ireland from Moldova, at the age of eight.

The Elev8 presenter has finished the first edition but was advised by her literary agent to make changes to improve the work.

"There's been interest," Diana told the Diary.

"I'm one of those people that when I start something, I go full throttle, so I sent it out to everyone that I knew in the book world and there has been quite a bit of interest, which I am delighted about.

"I am hoping to have my re-edited version done by the end of May. Once that's done, we go into talks about getting a publishing deal so I can't wait."

Diana says her writing skills were enhanced by her background in journalism and will be throwing her full weight behind writing this summer as her presenting gig winds down.

– ER