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Diana to hook up with ex-RTE pal Katie in NY

BAMBI-EYED TV presenter Diani Bunici will be taking a bite of the Big Apple this summer when she heads over to visit pal and former RTE co-star Katie Van Buren.

Katie (25) is currently living it up in the city that never sleeps, having bagged a presenting job for online channel Fuse TV.

And 23-year-old Diana says she's looking forward to taking in the sights and sounds.

"I'm hoping to go over and visit her at the end of the summer," she told The Diary. "To see how she's getting on. I've never been to New York so she'll be able to show me her favourite places."

Diana was shocked when Katie flew over to the States last year.


"I was really surprised when she headed out and stayed. I hadn't expected that at all," she said. "But she's very determined and she really wanted to make it happen over there and now she has. She's presenting a music show called Trending Ten and she covered the Billboard Music Awards."

Despite her pal's success, Diana says she has no desire to ditch her TV job and hop across the pond for work.

"I don't think I would move to the States because it's just so far away.

"I like being close to my family."