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Des bags a date in front of 36 million on hit Chinese TV show

HAS Des Bishop landed himself an Asian girlfriend?

The New York-born funnyman has become the latest contestant on the Chinese version of Take Me Out - and it turns out he's a hit with the ladies.

Des (38) appeared on the popular hook-up series in front more than 36 million viewers who watched him flirt his way through the episode in Mandarin.

The Irish-American impressed both the women and viewers alike with his humour on the show and left the set with 32-year-old Jin Li.


He introduced himself to the panel of women, each standing behind a red light which they leave on or turn off depending on how they view the male suitor, and told them about himself.

After the first round only one out of 24 women had turned their light off.

The performer, who previously dated model Jenny Lee Masterson, also revealed that he's only been in love once.

He was dubbed a liar by a Ukrainian, who claimed she didn't believe he had only found love once in 38 years.

The situation was soon saved by one of the commentators, by saying Bishop thought there was only one worth mentioning, rather than he had only one girlfriend in all his life.

Not long into the show, pretty sales executive Li used one of the game rules, 'Burst The Light' to show that she really fancied the comedian and commented on his long legs and jovial attitude.

At the end of his run, all the lights were out except Li's and the couple left hand-in-hand.

The received a free trip to the Aegean Sea in Greece as part of the reward of the show.


Although he bagged a date, Bishop had a couple of hiccups along the way.

As the rule of the show, male contestants pick one girl as 'Heartbeat Girl', the one they liked at first sight.

Bishop chose a 6ft4 tall basketball player and joked their children would be super-tall.

By joking about this on air, he accidentally revealed the identity of the woman which is meant to be kept as a secret until he leaves the show.

Des also singled out the presenter of the hit programme and teased him about his baldness.