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Daniella's heading for Hollywood after being signed by top agency

IT won't be long until model Daniella Moyles moves to the Hollywood hills.

But while her career may be taking off in La-La Land – her heart will firmly remain in Dublin.

There may be an ocean and continent between them but the model plans on staying with her boyfriend and DJ Dara Quilty.

Dara and 24-year-old Daniella (right) have been dating for over a year and are still completely loved up.

"Dara is always a massive priority to any decision she makes," a source close to the couple said.

"He's a really important factor in her life. He's been extremely supportive of her career so she intends on doing the long distance thing and making it work. They've been dating for a good while and are committed to one another.


"But obviously, she can't see into the future and you never know how these things are going to turn out," the source added.

Daniella headed over to the City of Angels earlier this month with model boss Andrea Roche and was instantly snapped up by top US Talent Agency Octagon. The Agency represents top TV stars such as Piers Morgan, Tess Daly and Steve Jones.

"Signing was an amazing step forward for Daniella," the source said. "TV presenting is the direction she wants her career to go in.

"So obviously she's delighted. But she's also pretty savvy and knows she can't just sit back and let things fall into her lap. This is just the start of what can be a long process. She's trying to stay grounded and level-headed about the whole thing. She's well aware that lots of young girls go out there and things don't work out. So she's got a healthy dose of perspective.

"She was only signed two weeks ago so she isn't going to be on the next flight out of here but she'd be mad not to head out. It's an amazing opportunity and the first rung on the showbiz ladder," the source added.


Daniella has built up her presenting skills set over the past few years.

She fronted extreme sporting show Bulletin TV and was a roaming reporter on RTE's ill-fated The Movie Show.

While The Movie Show may have got the axe, Daniella says the series definitely helped her land a US agent.

"I really love the industry in Ireland," she told The Diary.

"I learnt everything I know here and want to keep working here.

"I wouldn't have got signed had it not been for my experience working over here.

"A lot of my friends have moved over to different countries if they work in business and construction. So it makes sense that you would head over for entertainment if the opportunities are over there. I'm only 24, if it doesn't work out I can come back," she said.