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'Dad's rewriting Christmas special' - Fiona O'Carroll


Brendan O’Carroll is rewriting the Mrs Brown Christmas show

Brendan O’Carroll is rewriting the Mrs Brown Christmas show

Brendan O’Carroll is rewriting the Mrs Brown Christmas show

Brendan O'Carroll is busy rewriting the Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special following Rory Cowan's sudden departure last month.

Speaking about the long-standing cast member's decision to leave, Brendan's daughter Fiona said she's still in the dark about who will replace Rory in the hit show, after he spent 26 years with them.

"We have lost a member of the cast but he'll always be family as he's with us for so long," she said.

"I've no idea what's going to happen but I know dad's in Florida off writing at the moment so who knows what he's going to come up with? He's had to rewrite the Christmas specials so we don't know what he's going to come up with.

"I'm sure we can expect lot of twists and turns."

She said she was unsure if Rory will take part in another project with the gang, as it all depended on his schedule.

"He's got his own things going on, so I honestly don't know," Fiona added.

This weekend sees her swap the stage for the stony roads of Ireland, as she starts her 10-day walk for charity, covering about 20 miles a day.

The actress and mum-of-four said that she's hoping to raise plenty of cash for a cause close to her heart - Billy's World.

She has joined forces with Tony and Cora Byrne, who are setting up a holiday theme park for families with children who have special needs, which prompted them to set up Billy Byrne's National Children's Charity.

They hope to build Billy's World at a site donated by the Heritage Hotel in Laois.


"I met Tony about three years ago through a friend of mine," Fiona said.

"I was planning to run the London Marathon at the time and I was looking for a charity. He was telling me about the charity he set up, Billy's World, and I just fell in love with the idea and the concept of it.

"I don't know of anywhere like it in Europe. It's a very new idea so I think he's very brave to take it on because it's such a big project, but he's hoping to create a very special place.

"It's about creating an environment where the families of children with special needs can come and enjoy time together and have a stress-free holiday."

She starts off her walk in Cork and will eventually end up in Belfast on August 23, covering a total area of 260 miles.

Fiona said that while she was happy with whatever cash she raised for the charity, she did have a target in mind.

"I'm a little bit competitive and at my brother Danny's last charity event, he made about €60,000 so if I could make around that, I'd be delighted," she said.