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Dad's play on addict son in US movie tour

DUBLIN dad Sean Ronan penned an emotional play about his son's two-decade heroin addiction, and now it will tour the US in film form.

Sweet Dreams Mr Heroin is about Sean's experience as an addict's dad, and a fictional account of a woman struggling to balance heroin dependency and motherhood.

The Drimnagh tiler and playwright combined the two stories as one tale, and his work has attracted the attention of a French film company.

Sean's son is 41-years-old and he has been addicted to heroin since he was just 18, his dad told the Herald.


Now he lives mostly on the streets and makes a living begging. His dad visits him every few weeks but holds little hope he will ever give up the drug.

"When I'm with him I try to see him as Paul the addict and not Paul my son. I get too upset otherwise," Sean confessed.

Paul was just a teenager when he tried the drug out of curiosity, his dad said, and it wasn't long before he had to put him out of the family home.

"My youngest daughter was just seven at the time and he wouldn't think twice about shooting up in front of the kids. So he had to go," the single dad said.

He has tried many ways to help Paul and he works with other addicts around Dublin.

His play attracted the attention of the organisers of the Reel Recovery film festival and will screen in New York and LA.