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Curvy Pippa strips down to a bikini six weeks after baby

MODEL Pippa O'Connor is one yummy-mummy.

The 28-year-old may have given birth just six weeks ago, but she's already back in a bikini and flaunting her post-baby body.

Pippa posed in a variety of swimwear last week for a glossy fashion mag.

And while she was hardly the heaviest of pregnant women, new mum Pippa says she's proud of her post-baby curves.

"I did a shoot the other day and it was summer clothes and swimsuits," she said.

"It was the first shoot like that since I had Ollie. I didn't feel self-conscious about my body because I'd just had a baby, and I'm proud of that.


"I didn't care that I didn't feel my skinniest."

Pippa and husband Brian Ormond welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on April 10.

And the model says she felt no pressure to shift any baby weight.

"I don't feel any pressure to slim down

"To be honest, I've just been enjoying having him," she said.

After Ollie was born, Pippa and Brian turned off their phones, went home and got to know their newborn.

"I'm just chilling out with him," the glowing mum said.

"It's crazy when they hand you your baby; it's so emotional and overwhelming.

"Your life literally changes overnight and it's all about him and not about you at all. It does take some getting used to," she said.

The Kildare native says she feels extremely protective of her newborn.

"You get this overwhelming sense of protectiveness immediately. I think it's because he's so small and vulnerable."

But Pippa says the nappy changes and night-time feeds take some getting used to. "You don't know what hard work is until you have a baby. I don't know how full-time mothers of more than one do it.

"It's a job for sure," she said.

"But thankfully he seems to know the difference between night and day, so that's great for us at the moment.

"He's getting five hours at night, which is brilliant."

He may be just weeks old, but Pippa says Ollie already has a mind of his own.

"I don't think he's like me or Brian – he is himself and he is totally unique," she says.

"It's lovely when he starts smiling and you get a reaction out of him.

"He only started to coo and giggle in the past month and when you see him do that it makes everything worthwhile."

But Pippa says she has no intention of having a set of 'Irish twins'.

"It's six weeks – give us a chance!" she said with a laugh.