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Cullen Copper-fastens promise

WELL, he did promise to 'See ya in Coppers', and Bryan Cullen didn't disappoint.

Following a night of triumphant celebrations, first in Dublin city centre in front of 40,000 fans and then in his home town of Skerries, Dubs captain Cullen led the way to Dublin's most celebrated nightclub.

Once the preserve of the homesick Culchie, Coppers will be forever etched in the memory as the home of Dublin football.

And the winning team certainly made the the most of it when they got to Coppers. After enjoying a meal and some drinks with their families in Skerries, the boys headed into the Harcourt Street haunt at two o'clock this morning after a brief stop in nightclub D2.

Alan Brogan and wife Lydia Rock were swiftly brought into the exclusive VIP area of the club. Following closely behind Bryan Cullen, Kevin Nolan, Paul Flynn, Eoghan O'Gara, Diarmuid Connolly, Rory O'Carroll and Michael Darragh Macauley were brought to the guest list only area.

In true Dublin style the players constantly popped out of their VIP room to mingle with the fans and hit the dance floor.

And there was no sign of the team slowing down today.

The GAA stars continued partying until the early hours of this morning.