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Crime does pay as 400,000 tune in to Gillian's The Fall

IT seems that murderous drama is fast becoming a favourite on a Sunday night. As we sit back with the dread of work the next day, we like little more than to see somebody else getting shot or bludgeoned.

Love/Hate has just wrapped filming on its new season but, while viewers wait for that, they are tuning in to The Fall.

The Belfast-based crime series premiered on RTE 1 on Sunday night with more than 400,000 tuning in. Featuring a stellar cast, including former X-Files star Gillian Anderson and top Irish actors Jamie Dornan, Simon Delaney and Emmett J Scanlan, the show is based on the hunt for a serial killer who is terrorising Belfast city.



RTE say they are happy with their first-night ratings for The Fall and that time should be given to allow the show to get into its stride.

"It has received a good reaction so far and we see it as a great and positive start to the series," a spokesperson for RTE told the Herald.

A collaboration between the BBC and RTE, The Fall aired on RTE1 one day earlier than its BBC showing.

The moody and slow-paced drama centres around serial killer Paul Spector, played by Dornan, who has been stalking and killing young professional women.

The Fall continues on RTE1 at 9.30pm on Sunday.