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Complaints won't change show, says Bressie





Bressie has insisted that the BAI upholding a complaint over explicit dancing on the last season of The Voice won't change anything on the show.

"Not for a second is it going to change the way we do anything," he told the Herald.

"Nothing will change and if there are more complaints...there are more complaints.

"That's the way we make The Voice Of Ireland, and if it does offend someone we don't go out with that intention.

"Sometimes people take offence, there were 600,000 people watching who didn't take offence."

The winners of the popular talent show haven't reached success in the charts but Bressie thinks that will change when last year's winner Brendan McCahey releases his album this month.

"Brendan, for me the most talented, versatile one who has won the show," he revealed.


"I never made excuses to say winning a show certainly guarantees success; it's an industry that is completely changing."

"When you have U2 releasing an album for free then you know the industry is completely changing," he continued.

Now that they are back at the audition stages, Bressie does admit that he's a bit rusty but that Una and Rachel are up for a laugh.

"Wednesday was the first day and for the first block we were a little bit rusty.

"Even myself and Kian were trying get back into the game even though we are veterans at this stage.

"You are sitting there for eight hours a day so you're going to have to have cracks at each other or else you'd go mad," he added.

He also admitted that he's missing former judge Jamelia.

"I miss her - you didn't cross Jamelia but I think there is a bit of that in Una as well," he said.

"She put me in my place a few times on Wednesday for being a pain in the hole."