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'Coming soon' - Laura shows off baby bump


Laura Whitmore’s baby bump.

Laura Whitmore’s baby bump.

Laura Whitmore’s baby bump.

Laura Whitmore has released a photo of her growing baby bump ahead of the birth of her first child with husband Iain Stirling.

The TV presenter said she will catalogue the growth of her tummy after she was warned by mothers to take photos as it gets bigger or she would "regret not having the memories of the journey".

Whitmore, who is in the third trimester of her pregnancy, married Stirling in a secret ceremony in Dublin last month.

The Bray woman said it was taking a while to get used to the changes happening with her body.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the Love Island presenter wrote: "Coming soon... only really started taking pics of bump in third trimester.

"It's such a personal time. One thing I've been told is to take pictures or I'll regret not having the memories of the journey.

"Takes a while to get your head around the body changes.

"Woke up and realised I was wearing my old pants. Think they have a very different meaning now."


Addressing the couple's secret wedding, she finally confirmed it and said they did not make the news public until it was leaked as they "loved having it to ourselves".

Whitmore described the ceremony as "magical".

"Entering 2021 like... A year ago, Iain asked me to marry him and we had the most magical, perfect ceremony. We loved having it to ourselves," she said.

"We had been planning the perfect celebration and I will forever be so thankful that's what we got.

"We have never spoken publicly about our engagement or wedding.

"Back at the time, we never felt the need to say anything as it's all such a personal experience.

"We also were too busy enjoying it."