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Clean image set me up for a fall, admits Ronan


Ronan and Storm

Ronan and Storm

Ronan and Storm

DUBLIN singer Ronan Keating has said that his "cleaner than clean" image contributed to the criticism he faced over the affair that ended his marriage.

"It's hard in Ireland because it's such a small country and it has that small-country syndrome," the Boyzone star said of the criticism.

"I've made mistakes by moaning about it in the past, but you know what? This is what I choose to do. You've got to like it or lump it, Ronan just fecking deal with it man.

"I was always setting myself up for the fall. I was always holier than holy, cleaner than clean.

"And I was happy about that, and promoted it. That was only ever going to go one way," he added.

The 37-year-old married former model Yvonne when he was just 21 - a short time after his mother passed away from cancer in 1998.

The pair split up after details of an affair he had with a dancer emerged.


The Herald revealed last week that the former couple have just sold the their home in Malahide's exclusive Abington estate.

On his cultivation of his clean-cut image during his Bozyone career, Ronan told The Sunday Times: "I was too young. I wanted it all too quickly, and I wanted everyone to like me. Not everyone's going to like you. You can only learn this with age."

Ronan is currently based between London and Australia but he will relocating to Dublin next March with his partner, Australian TV producer Storm Uechtritz.

"I'm going back for my kids; I'm not coming back for anyone else," he said.

He has landed the lead role in the West End musical Once, based on the movie starring Glen Hansard.

Ronan said the singer-songwriter was the first person he texted when he agreed to the part, with Glen telling him "It'll be f****** deadly, man."