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Cillian (36) to play son of Oscar-winner Jennifer (41)

IRELAND'S leading men are certainly earning their stripes over in Hollywood.

It may not have been popular with critics, but the success of Taken 2 has made Liam Neeson the top action hero in the world.

Colin Farrell (36) has blown critics away with his comedic performance in Seven Psychopaths. Love/ Hate star Robert Sheehan (24) is being heralded as the new Robert Pattinson.

Michael Fassbender (35) is teaming up again with director Steve McQueen on the upcoming feature Twelve Years A Slave.

And, now, Corkonian Cillian Murphy is starring opposite red carpet regular, Jennifer Connelly (41). The Irish star has been cast opposite the Oscar winner in new heart-warming film Cry/Fly.

Despite being just five years younger than his leading lady, 36-year-old Cillian will play Connelly's son in the new flick.

It's been a busy few months for Cillian, he has just been nominated for a British Independent Film Award for his supporting role in Broken and is finishing up filming on new BBC series -- the strangely titled Peaky Binders.

In the meantime, Cillian will continue to wow audiences Stateside with his feature films. "Cillian is considered a solid and serious actor in the States," a source close to the actor said.

"He picks great parts and he's just going to get bigger and bigger."

Cry/Fly has been written by Peruvian filmmaker Claudia Llosa, and the cast will begin shooting in February next year.

Set in the US and Canada over two different time periods, the movie tells the story of a young mother whose six-year-old daughter is terminally ill -- and is said to be a real tear-jerker.