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Ciaran causes more Carrigstown chaos as he kidnaps Rose


Fair City bad boy Ciaran with a confused Rose.

Fair City bad boy Ciaran with a confused Rose.

Fair City bad boy Ciaran with a confused Rose.

Bad boy Ciaran is up to his old tricks again in Fair City.

Actor Johnny Ward made his sensational return as kidnapper Ciaran Holloway for the soap's 30th anniversary episode last month and has been stirring up trouble ever since.

After keeping Katy captive for 13 months - sparking an online campaign by viewers to free her - this time he has set his sights on her gran, Rose.

Kicking-off a week of high drama in Carrigstown, tonight's episode sees Ciaran get Rose, who is suffering from dementia, to leave the house with him after he manages to trick her into believing he is her grandson Michael.

Having received a text from who he thought was Tessa, Eoghan realises it was actually sent by Ciaran in an effort to get him out of the house so he could be on his own with Rose.

Once he has figured this out, Eoghan rushes back home but is too late as Rose is already gone.

With Eoghan and Bosco frantically searching for Rose, Katy discovers Ciaran's hideaway in the attic.

Eoghan and Katy realise Ciaran has Rose.


Tomorrow night, Katy lures Tessa to the attic and entraps her there, convinced she has information on where Ciaran and her gran are.

However, Eoghan fears for Katy's mental state and demands she let Tessa down from above.

On Thursday, Ciaran realises Rose has run out of her important medication.

With Katy in a panic, Eoghan assures her Ciaran will never hurt her again.

In their hideaway, Ciaran panics when he discovers Rose is diabetic.

Thinking the game is up, he believes he has to call her an ambulance.

However, viewers will remember Katy put her prescription in Rose's bag earlier this week, so when Ciaran discovers it he rushes out to a pharmacy to get it.

On his return from the pharmacy, Rose thanks him for saving her life, thinking he is a doctor.

Meanwhile, the increasingly desperate Katy and Eoghan find out Rose's prescription was dispensed.

The dramatic week in Carrigstown finishes with Katy agreeing to a demand that Ciaran sends to her by text.

Tune in to Fair City tonight, tomorrow night and on Thursday on RTE One at 8pm.