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Ciara Whelan: Coming And Going

Life as co-presenter of The Holiday Show is hectic for Ciara Whelan, as she tells Emma Blain

Cooking: Richard Corrigan or ready-made? Ready made. I'm awful in the kitchen. I like cooking but I don't have time.

Wardrobe: Penneys or Prada? Penneys. I love it for getting bits and pieces for travelling; I buy things like bikinis and ski socks.

Shopping: twice a season or twice a week? I haven't done a big shop since August.

Holidays: Discover Ireland or discover the world? The world, of course! On this series of the show we went to twice as many places as last year. I think it's so important to discover the world; it's such an education.

Drink: Guinness or Grey Goose? I never have and never will drink spirits, but I do like a pint of Guinness.

Weekends: down the local or cruising Krystle? I live in Naas at the moment so I love to go to my local, Kavanagh's.

Beauty regime: one minute or one hour? It would take me one minute when I'm travelling, but at home I'm a real bath girl; I could stay there for hours.

Money: rainy day or live for today? I live for today. I'm so lucky doing the show and I remind myself of that every day. I would kill for my own job and not many people can say that!

Commute: public transport or pay the meter? I drive when I'm home, even though my poor car now has mildew growing on the seats after the snow.

Property: smell the sea or see the smog? I'm originally from the Dún Laoghaire area, so I love the sea.

Pets: Dog devotee or cat crusader? I have two cats and they are my pride and joy. They are called Lady and V.

Health: alternative or aspirin? I'd never say no to anything, but I go to the doctor if I'm sick. I come across lots of alternative remedies when travelling.

Location: Northside Notable or Southside Star?

Southside Star, though I did move a lot when I was young because of my dad's job as an engineer; I lived in Saudi Arabia and Kilkenny, as well as Dublin.

Technology: techno-savvy or techno-phobic?

You have to be techno-savvy working in TV. I use Facebook for telling people what we're doing on the show.

TV: reality-TV drama or real TV drama?

I love crime programmes, such as CSI, The Wire and 24. I also love shows like The X Factor -- anything to do with singing. I can't sing myself but I'm hoping I'll be able to in my next life!

The Holiday Show is on TV3, Thursdays at 7.30pm