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Chris wasn't sexy in Bridesmaids ... but he is now, says wife Dawn

CHRIS O'Dowd may have won the hearts of women around the world in the smash US comedy Bridesmaids -- but the movie left his wife Dawn Porter cold.

At the Irish premiere of Chris's new film The Sapphires last night, Dawn said she didn't find her hubby sexy in the flick as she doesn't go for clean-cut men.

"I didn't fancy Chris in Bridesmaids, I'm not into that sort of squeaky-clean, romantic comedy thing," she said.

"I fancy the drunk Irish man who stinks of fags. I think that's a lot sexier, which is exactly what he is in this film."

Chris plays the role of music manager and lovable Irish rogue Dave Lovelace in the Australian film.

The film tells the story of four Aboriginal girls who were plucked from the outback in the 1960s and toured Vietnam, entertaining the US troops. Dave is their manager; a man with a love of soul music and hard liquor.

And 33-year-old Dawn says it was the perfect film to watch her new husband act in.

"I think he's the sexiest he's ever been on screen," the writer and TV presenter told the Herald.

"Which is good. This is the first film that has come out since we got married and he looks great in it, which is exactly what you want as a wife."

Dawn and Chris got married this summer in a three-day extravaganza dubbed 'wedfest'.

Chris has been spending a lot of time in Ireland filming Moone Boy and Dawn admitted that, at times, the distance could be hard.

"I do miss him but I've been really busy as well, so we snatch weekends where we can.

"You never know with this industry. You've got to take the work when it's there and Chris is doing so well at the moment and that's the main thing."

The two had to postpone their honeymoon due to Chris's demanding schedule, but Dawn says the pair hope to get away this Christmas.

"It's the only time Chris can get off," she revealed.

"I don't know where we're going yet. As a couple we're completely unorganised. Everything is last minute."