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Chocs binge is model Sarah's weekend treat

SHE'S one of our most successful fashion models, so it's little wonder that Sarah Morrissey has her own method for maintaining her slender and toned figure.

It involves five days of hard work-outs and completely clean living, followed by a chocolate binge at the weekends. "I'm a huge fitness fanatic," said the 29-year-old.

"I go to the gym every day and make sure to work out, so I really enjoy my food because of that."

Food wise, Sarah says: "Five days a week I eat extremely healthily, chicken and veg or fish and veg, and then eat what I want on Saturday and Sundays.

"It's about the balance for me so I don't deny myself anything because I am extremely into my health and fitness and supplements and all of that so it works for me," she added.

The self-confessed chocoholic says her downfall is the sweet stuff.

"I just can't give it up and you need a bit of it," said the Liberties native.