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Chelsea boys rush straight to Buck's from Ryan's sofa

MADE In Chelsea stars Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing spent no time hanging around the Late Late green room.

The minute Old Etonian Spencer, aka 'Spenny', finished his chat with Ryan Tubridy, the pair jumped into a cab and headed straight to Buck's Townhouse.

The boys spent the evening in the VIP area downing Grey Goose vodka.

"The guys were absolutely mobbed," an onlooker said. "It was madness – total chaos..

"They seemed to be having the time of their life. Jamie had a bottle of vodka in his hand at all times."

The two boys are known for their perfectly coiffed hair and ways with the ladies. Despite this (and the fact they both have girlfriends), Irish ladies were all over the pair.

"Women were hysterical – everyone wanted to get photos with them and they lapped it up," the onlooker added.

The Leinster lads celebrated their win in Harcourt hotspot Everleigh Gardens on Saturday.

The rugby lads knocked back pints, high-fived and enjoyed some banter in the club.

The more hardcore partiers made their way to Krystal nightclub afterwards.

Over in Lillie's, Love/Hate's Killian Scott was seen chatting to some friends in the VIP bar.