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Celebrity Diary with Lorraine Keane: I'd never get surgery


Lorraine Keane and Josh Groban

Lorraine Keane and Josh Groban

Lorraine with Emelia and Romy

Lorraine with Emelia and Romy


Lorraine Keane and Josh Groban

Working in the public eye, there's always going to be pressure to look good when you're a woman - the men on telly get away with murder by comparison.

I've always been one of those people who takes pride in their appearance, so I don't really let it bother me. While I love to look my best, I'd never go under the knife to look younger.

I think it can be quite a big risk - and sometimes the results aren't always what you hope they would be.

I'd be terrified that I wouldn't look like myself afterwards, I'd prefer to age gracefully.

Saying that, I am a fan of non-invasive, natural treatments such as ultherapy which uses ultrasound and laser technology to get results. The gorgeous Jennifer Aniston is also a fan - and if it's good enough for her it's certainly good enough for me.


I'm back on TV with my dream gig

It's been a one hell of a week - and I can't believe it's Friday already. The last few days have been manic but, at the same time, they couldn't have been better - as I got some great news.

Back in May I presented a one-off show for UTV called The Interview, which is now going to be made into a series. I'm very excited.

It's my dream gig - I get to sit down with a celebrity and talk to them for a half-hour, so it feels more personal than the super-short interviews I used to do on Xpose.


I'm very happy to be back, because TV work has always been my passion - I can't think of anything better or more suited to me than being paid to talk.

I'm going to be filming my next episode in London in a few weeks, where I'll be chatting to a true legend (I can't reveal their name yet). The series will be on air later this year.

Now that my two girls - Romy (8) and Emelia (11) - are a bit older and in school all day, I have a little more time to get back out there.

That's not to say things are any easier. Being a working mum is always a challenge, but I think sometimes we women can beat ourselves up too much when it comes to that.


My love of fashion has rubbed off on my two girls


Lorraine with Emelia and Romy

Lorraine with Emelia and Romy

Lorraine with Emelia and Romy


As you all know, one of my favourite things is fashion.

I'm forever being asked for my style and beauty tips, something that has rubbed off on my daughters Romy and Emelia - they love an excuse to dress up just like their mum.

That being said, they're also very sporty - like their dad - and adore their GAA.

I've always loved sharing any secrets I've learned. A couple of years ago a good friend of mine - Charlotte Bradshaw, hairdresser Dylan Bradshaw's lovely other half - told me I should make it into something more.

So I started up my Keane on Style fashion evenings. I'm even launching my own website and blog next week as a result of the success.

Not only do I get to meet with great women and share my style knowledge, I also get to showcase Irish boutiques and designers.

It also gives me an excuse to travel to some gorgeous places across the country - I can't wait to kick off another tour in Killarney this November.