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Celebrity Diary with Alison Curtis: I’m nervous about being a chugger in the city centre





You normally hear me on the radio but today my dulcet tones will be heard up and down Grafton Street as I’m collecting for children’s charity Barnardos.

I’m quite shy so I’m a bit nervous about becoming a chugger and shaking buckets at people for the day but it’s all for a good cause.

Another cause for nerves was when my daughter Joan was starting primary school.

It’s typical that most parents end up worrying about it more than their kids do but she’s settled in really well.

I was nervous about it because the school system is so different here compared to Canada but she loves it.

I never wore a uniform but the little pinafores are really cute and she likes it.

Plus, I soon realised that it takes the hassle out of choosing something different for her to wear every day.

Because my show on Today FM is on Saturday mornings, I can pick her up from school most days and have the afternoon with her.

It’s been a busy summer because I’ve filled in on lots of the other shows while people are on holidays.

We were laughing the other day because I’ve presented every other show on the schedule bar The Last Word.


When Ray D’Arcy left I loved covering the morning slot for a few weeks. The range of topics were great and I loved the adrenaline of such a busy slot.

I got a lot of female

support because they thought it was nice to hear a woman on-air and discussing issues that affected them.

People know me as more of a music show presenter but I love talk shows and would love to do something like that in the future.


I love the buzz of live TV and can't wait for Midday






I'm going to be on TV3's Midday this afternoon and I absolutely love it.

They always have such great women on the panel and I love the buzz on live TV. I'm going to be on a few times over the next few weeks which is brilliant.

Elaine Crowley (pictured) and I are quite similar because she works so hard on the show and I produce the Saturday Breakfast myself as well.

Producing your own show can be tough because I'm always online looking for ideas.

I'm the kind of person who answers emails at nine o'clock at night so I'm trying to switch off more.

Because I work on weekends, Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off so I try to unplug.

I know lots of people do that through fitness and I used to be a bit of a 'gym bunny' but I've been a bit lazy since Joan was born.

I go on a few power walks but I've been toying with the idea of taking the price tag off a pair of trainers for the last six months so I'm hoping to start running again soon.


I'm so excited for my college friend to visit

My best friend, Jen from Canada, is  coming over to visit for a week in October and I'm so excited to see her.

She surprised me and booked it last minute.

We're going to do a little tour of Ireland and I'm going to leave the husband and child at home. I think we're going to do a little pub crawl around Clare or something like that.

Jen has two kids and she's never been away from them and I've never been away from Joan for more than two nights in a row - and I think that was once when she was two.

Sometimes, I think you forget you were your own person before you became a parent so I'm excited for our 'girls on the road' trip.

She knows lots of my friends so we'll have a few nights out in Dublin too.