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B*Witched Edele is no longer making sweet music with hubby as she stars in BB


Edele Lynch. Photo: PA

Edele Lynch. Photo: PA

Edele and Michael's wedding in 2006

Edele and Michael's wedding in 2006


Edele Lynch. Photo: PA

Dublin singer Edele Lynch has separated from her husband Michael Barrett.

The B*Witched star (35) split from her husband of seven years ahead of entering the Channel 5 reality show, Celebrity Big Brother.

But her twin sister Keavy has said that things are still amicable between Edele and her fitness coach husband.

"They separated a while back. They are still on good terms as they'll always be a family with three beautiful children.

"I feel sad about it but that's the way life goes sometimes," she said.

"I'm not sure how much Edele would say or not say about any details so I just need to leave it as is. It's not my situation to say any more about."

However, she has said there's no way that her sibling's head would be turned by anyone on the reality show or whom she would consider attractive.

Keavy also said she would be conscious of how she's portrayed on the show and would be aware that her children could watch the show.

"Audley might have a little soft spot for her, she will share David's passion for fitness, and she's been seen larking about with George from Gogglebox but I think they'll just be good friends.

"Edele might have a few drinks and have a laugh and dance around, but she knows when to stop.

"At the end of the day, the fact that she has three kids and wants to be a responsible role model to them will be very much on her mind. So if any of the guys tries to get into bed with her, she'll probably give him a good slap and go 'Get the Hell out'.

Keavy went on to say how the winner of Celebrity Apprentice is "very thick-skinned" and is well able to deal with the other celebrity divas like Lauren Goodger or Stephanie Pratt.

"She won't care how young or beautiful the other women are. But if any of them upset her, she won't hold back at all," she said.

"She doesn't have an 'edit' button; she just says what she thinks. Edele wants truth and honesty. She's black or white; she doesn't have much middle, and that can come across as harsh and full-on."