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Brilliant Boss was born to run on

THE Boss has an announcement to make. He's even brought his own power lever. You know, to hammer the point home. Switched on, guitar in hand -- his E Street buddies waiting on either side, the man we came to see holds his hand to said lever and smiles.

Granted, there are some startling omissions from tonight's set, but a few cracking surprises, too. Born in the USA is a rarity as far as Springsteen's live songbook is concerned. Tonight, it adds a certain layer of magic.

Elsewhere, the newbies -- the rousing Death to My Hometown in particular -- sound terrific, as the E Street Band reclaim their title as the greatest live act in the world.

But what about that curfew, eh? Well, after three and a half hours, a man dressed as a British police officer arrives on stage to stop Bruce. He ends up on the ground.

Yep, The Boss has got a sense of humour. And the party ain't over until he says so.