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Brian likes Mariah, I'm an Oasis girl - model Vogue

MODEL Vogue Williams said that she often disagrees with her husband's questionable music choices.

The 28-year-old former Fade Street star is forging out a career in DJing. But she says she has a chuckle at Brian's collection.

"If I am at a party I'd rather listen to DJ sort of music and heavier music," Vogue said. "I mean, Brian likes Mariah Carey!"


According to the Howth native, when the couple return to Dublin her mother will often try to coax the former Westlifer to sing a few of his old hits, however Vogue said she was "not a fan of it".

"If I see a picture of him [in Westlife], I am like, 'What were you thinking?!' Some of the haircuts and outfits were just horrific," she added.

And Williams said she didn't have boyband posters on her bedroom walls as a kid. "I was into Oasis and The Prodigy," she said.