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Body of evidence

Art is often experimental -- how can experiments be artistic? "Experimentation is not necessarily artful, but in most cases it is an enlightening process," says Pádraic Moore, who has organised the Irish installation of the Aion Experiment in Project Arts Centre's gallery space.

This is an interactive investigation that requires you, the viewer, to participate, and the space is expected to become "highly charged with energy that fosters cell regeneration and cerebral stimulation". Hmm. Um. What? Sounds like a 50s sci-fi movie. Moore answers some of our questions below, and frankly, our curiosity is running high.

Can you give us some background on this piece? The first Aion Experiments took place in northern Europe in the 30s, instigated by a team of practitioners from diverse disciplines; its central aim, unifying its diverse members and affiliates, is the desire to develop a greater understanding of the phenomena of body-oriented energy.

Practitioners working in the realm of visual artists have, on several occasions, been invited to contribute in an advisory capacity to Aion investigation. This is an indication that the visual arts remain a potent source of untapped potential in terms of maximising human capabilities.

What is required of the participant? Every person who accepts the invitation to walk through the doors of the Project Arts Centre is urged to focus their full attention upon the objects and images within that space. I would advise that all individuals who attend the experiment turn off any electronic devices that they may be carrying on their person. The electromagnetic current generated by such devices has been known to disrupt the accumulation of biofield energy. The normal functioning of mobile telephones and other such communication devices as well as personal entertainment accessories may be temporarily disrupted within the gallery space.

What can we learn from the Aion Experiment? One of the many motives driving the ongoing work of the organisation is a conviction that the human species is unaware of its own true potential. Another belief is that humans have, for the most part, become detached from certain fundamental truths and blind instinctive necessities. Statements issued by the Foundation propose that unless the current situation is rectified radically and promptly, the human species is headed inexorably toward untimely self-destruction. - SC

The Aion Experiment runs in Project Arts Centre 'til March 27th